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Steeda Tremec TR-3650 Tri-Ax Shifters

Steeda's Tri-Ax shifters start with a precision CNC-machined billet aluminum body. The body's heavy-duty construction features no welds, stampings, or castings for the ultimate durability and precision engineering to fit right. Steeda designed the pivot shaft to have the correct pivot ratio and short shift-throw for the TR-3650s. The nickel-plated shaft won't rust or stain and has been machined to exacting tolerances for smooth, precise operation. Offset preload springs make sure that you find third gear every time and adjustable positive stops prevent damage to the transmission. Up top, the Tri-Ax shifters feature an exclusive boot guard to prevent damage to the factory inner boot, as well as 2-position adjustable handle height and a new forged Tri-Ax shift handle. The forged aluminum handle is the strongest and lightest handle available on the market. Its unique 3-axis bend places the shift knob closer to the driver for fast, precise, and comfortable shifts.

TR-3650 Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter

SKU: 555-7363
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