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This includes one tune for your vehicle. The tune will be emailed to you after you tell us a little about your vehicle and pay for it.


These tunes will also work with an SCT handheld flasher that has pre-loaded. tunes

Note: these tunes DO NOT include any tuning hardware, you must already own an SCT Handheld flasher. If you need a handheld device check out the Programmer section.

 All sales, once the tune has been emailed, are final.

 To receive emailed tunes, you must submit working LiveLink datalogs. Please email us @ if you need help.

Tunes are available for 100% stock vehicles, for modified NA and for supercharger, turbo, nitrous or engine swap vehicles (swapping a non-stock motor, i.e. another vehicle) and/or PCM swap. Tunes sales are vehicle specific and do not cover more than one vehicle. You need to purchase a separate tune for each vehicle.


IMPORTANT: You MUST submit the serial number of your SCT Handheld flasher to us prior to the tune being created. SCT requires the serial number be associated with each tune.


!!PLEASE READ!!: We cannot and will not delete any emissions equipment in the tune. 


We also offer custom tuning for SCT dealers. Emailed tunes and remote tunes. Emailed tunes are not time critical, we email you a tune, you email a log, we email you an update. Remote tunes are done real time, you must have internet access on-site and schedule a time for the tuning. Remote tunes are $450 for the first two hours. After that, there is a $100 charge per each hour or part of an hour.

96-04 Mustang Custom Tuning.

SKU: Custom Tune
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