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This package will really wake up a 6.0. This is a 550-600hp street setup that brings out what the 6.0 powerstroke is meant for. This is mainly a daily driver / sleeper that can do the occasional weekend tows out to the lake. **We wont be able to tell you if you need other parts until the system is installed and you have done the proper data logs / testing to see if you have a weak system. ( Fuel / Oil )**

                                                         **KIT Choices**

                                                         KC stage 1 turbo

                             WDI 175/30 injectors with new spool valves 

                                                     SCT X4 or Livewire

                                                    DSP Custom Tuning 




Recommended Parts:

  • Head studs strongly suggested
  • Transmission work suggested
  • Airdog / Fass fuel system strongly suggested
  • 100% healthy fully functional truck, this is very important to make sure sensors / wiring are working properly.
  • Traction Bars  

2003-2007 6.0 Powerstroke Street Package

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