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FASS Fuel Systems Titanium Signature Series Fuel/Air Separation Systems

**For up to 700hp applications**

FASS Fuel Systems Titanium Signature Series fuel/air separation systems are a beneficial upgrade for your diesel engine. Titanium systems feature compact designs, powerful motors for improved fuel flow, and advanced filtration that's far superior to your factory fuel filter. Their diesel fuel lift pumps are engineered to be top performing, reliable, long-lasting units—and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty on all light-duty diesel applications. The Signature Series also features FASS revolutionary Whisper Technology that effectively and drastically reduces the sound levels of these diesel systems to a "whisper," while at the same time increasing fuel flow rates. Whether stock or highly modified, FASS Titanium Signature Series diesel fuel systems are available to handle your engine's horsepower.

Features and benefits:

* Systems available with flow rates up to 290 gph
* Advanced filtration removes water, air, vapor, and debris with a filtration rating of 2 micron
* Smoother engine idle
* Protects and extends the life of your injectors
* Whisper Technology (FWT)—reduces noise levels without reducing flow rates
* Performance Radius Cuts (PRC)—advanced machining technique creates smooth cuts within aluminum housing
* Improved fuel volume delivery
* Mass Flow Return (MFR)—technology used to continually "polish" your fuel by keeping positive pressure on fuel being delivered to your engine, guaranteeing the cleanest fuel possible. Also prevents cavitation, along with galling and scoring.
* Improved cold weather starts
* Decreases carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions
* Easier bolt-on bracket mounts do not require any drilling or welding to mount new pump
* 1/2 in. fuel lines and ports
* Fuel mileage improvement
* 30,000 mile filter life expectancy

1999-2007 Superduty Titanium Signature Series, 140 GPH,

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