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JLT Next Generation 12” HIGH BOOST Cold Air Intake system for the 03, 04 SVT Cobra in black textured plastic finish.

The JLT intake tube is 4 1/4" ID, roto-molded plastic to resist engine heat and keep the intake air charge nice and cool. NO METAL TUBING HERE! Our massive 4.5x12” S&B ed Air Filter is moved into fender well for a cooler intake charge and can support 800-900 RWHP
Uses the factory "S" style PCV hose. If you no longer have it, one can be added to your order.

SCT BA2600 or BA3000 REQUIRED with this kit.

Will not work with stock Ford MAF, SCT 2400 or 2800 MAF since they have a different bolt pattern.
Using the supplied MAF gasket and screws install your SCT electronics into the JLT tube and you now have a 105mm MAF incorporated right into the tube. No couplers, reducers or smaller MAF housing to disrupt airflow. Now you have a perfectly smooth, huge 4 ¼” ID tube rushing cool air to the throttle body.

2003-04 Cobras with stock blowers, Kenne Bell and Whipple blowers,

*Throttle body locations are different depending on if you have a stock blower, Kenne Bell, Whipple, Whipple, aftermarket K-Member, and or non stock motor mounts. Due to these variances, minor modifications may need to be made for the best fit.
1996-04 GT 4.6 with Kenne Belle 2.6 or 2.8 blowers with Cobra style throttle body.

• JLT Plastic Intake Tube
• Silicone Coupler
• Apron Plate
• 4.5x12” S&B air filter
• JLT MAF Gasket
• HD Clamps & all needed hardware

SCT BA 2600 or BA300 MAF sensor.
Custom Tuning Required.

Will not fit with most strut tower braces or aftermarket K Members.


Note: The air filter is low in the bumper to get the coolest air possible. While driving in the rain is not an issue, you MUST be aware of flooded streets and deep puddles.

03/04 Cobra JLT high boost intake

SKU: CAI2-12-FMC-0304
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